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Certification – is a procedure in which the certification body, which is independent either from the manufacturer or supplier of the product, or from the user (buyer), confirms that the product, process or service complies with the specified requirements. In most cases such approval is executed by issuing a document called a certificate.

Certification can be voluntary or regulated by the relevant legislation. The regulation of construction products is performed by the Ministry of Environment in Lithuania. You can find the list of regulated construction products in this chapter "Legislation and documents."

Sometimes certification is mistakenly equated to the licensing. However, these are two different things: license gives the permission (or the right) to carry out some kind of activity, and certification describes the compliance of the product or service to the requirements set.

Service benefits

The generous offer of the products is good, but sometimes business or ordinary users get to a situation where it appears that the purchased product is not reliable and does not fulfill the requirements set for it. Losses may be prevented by correctly selecting the appropriate product. But how can one learn to recognize it? All sellers praise the product they offer, but not all buyers have the necessary knowledge, time, experience or technical capacity to assess the characteristics of the product properly.

In such a situation one usually seeks an independent opinion, based on objective evidence or experience, and giving confidence before making a decision on purchase. Certification is just the service, which may give the buyer confidence in a product, because its conformity is evaluated objectively and competently.

spscCertification mark PSZ-1

SPSC certificate indicates the requirements that the building product meets and gives the right to label a certified product the specific certification mark (PSZ-1), which helps the consumers to distinguish certified products from uncertified ones in the market.


SPSC is a certification body of building products whose impartiality and technical competence has been approved by accreditation since 1999. Detailed information regarding the scope of accreditation see on webpage of the Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau.

Products certified by SPSC:

Mineral aggregates • cement and other binders • concrete and mortar • bricks, blocks and other items for partitions • thermal insulation materials and products • concrete and reinforced concrete products • windows and doors • wooden products and constructions • Glass and glass products • roofing and roof articles • floor, wall and ceiling coverings • waterproofing materials and products • sealing materials and adhesives • inks, varnishes, lutes • antiseptics and flame retardants • geosynthetics •  water supply and sewerage installations • reinforcing steel products • other materials and products.

Service cost

Price for certification of construction products is determined individually. Service cost depends not only on the type of the product or quantity of its modifications, but also volume of necessary tests, their price, distance to the factory, etc. Therefore, a specific financial proposal is submitted to the client after having reviewed his application.

The cost of the certification service includes the following parts:

  • the fee for registration of application and analysis of product requirements, which is given in the application form and must be paid prior to registration of the application;
  • the price of primary certification works, which is submitted to the client in the estimate of services together with the draft of the Certification contract and must be paid prior to certification of the work;
  • surveillance fees of certified products and surveillance of internal production system, that shall be determined prior to issuance of the certificate and indicated in the permanent certification surveillance contract. License maintenance fees of certified products shall be paid during the validity of the certificate (over 3 years) prior to each periodic maintenance under the conditions of contract.