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Application For Certification
Manufacturer's Questionnaire


While filling in the application, indicate the products and their types in the relevant fields. If the field defined for the list of products is not enough or in case you want to certify products from different manufacturers, you can provide a list of products, their types and manufacturers on a separate sheet. Be sure to spacify whether the product conforms to all,  essential or mandatory requirements of technical specification.

In case of mandatory certification the products' obligatory characteristics (defined by Ministry of Environment) shall conform to requirements of appropriate technical specifications. In this case, the conformity of the product to requirements of a standard or other normative document valid in Lithuania is determined.

In case of voluntary certification  the product shall meet all or essential requirements of the selected technical specification. In this case, the document does not need to be valid in Lithuania, it is important that the SPSC and test laboratories had the possibility to perform tests and evaluation according to the chosen standard.