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What should one know before applying for EC certification?

Before applying for EC certification, you should first find out what technical specification applies to your product and what are the requirements of the standard. Find out what indicators, characteristics and features of your product are most important.

This information is available on , NANDO database and After examination of all information, submit the exact request for the certification body. If there is not a valid harmonized technical specification for your product, the certificate will not be issued. In this case, you should apply for technical approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of building products and how shall the assessment be executed?

Kinds of building products and the ways of assessment are set by the Ministry of Environment. The list of regulated building products is published in the Official Gazette. The requirements of other directives, for example on low voltage, magnetic compatibility  and others, may be valid for the building products, but SPSC does not make such assessment. Manufacturers must ensure that the product meets all the requirements.

Is it possible to confirm the earlier test results?

In case the tests for the assessment of the building product have already been carried out, they may be eligible for certification. Tests of the product shall be carried out by independent laboratories. If you intend to carry out tests for your products, ask whether the conclusions of tests performing laboratory would be appropriate for the certification body.

Is the quality system certification not equivalent to the product certificate?

Quality system certification is not equivalent to the product certificate. Requirements for manufacturer's system are defined in ISO standard.

What is the difference between "CE marking" and "EC certification?

The right of CE marking shall be granted to the manufacturer (supplier), in case the conformity assessment procedure according to one of the required standard scheme (1, 1 +, 2, 2 +, 3, 4), which also includes the so-called EC certification (i.e. 1, 1+, 2 and 2+ schemes), is performed.


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