Wastewater treatment plant tests


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Accredited (LA.01.103) and notified (ID 1397) Wastewater Treatment Plant Testing Laboratory of SPSC performs:

  • tests of small (up to 50 PT) wastewater treatment facilities (wastewater treatment plants) in accordance with LST EN 12566-3 standard;
  • tests for technical approvals of wastewater treatment facilities (wastewater treatment plants) over 50 PT;
  • various technological tests of wastewater treatment facilities (wastewater treatment plants).

Standard LST EN 12566-3 has been made mandatory from 1st of July, 2010. The tests are necessary in order the wastewater treatment facilities could be labeled wiht “CE” mark under requirements of Construction Products Directive of European Communities and the Technical Building Regulations.

The tests can help manufacturers to enter the European and other regional markets, amend their facilities, improve the quality of cleaning and save the materials.spsclab

The laboratory is new, modern, independent, with a competent staff working there.

SPSC also offers services of wastewater treatment plant certification and preparation of technical approvals.