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Patvirtinu, kad esu susipažinęs(-usi) su VĮ SPSC taikoma asmens duomenų tvarkymo politika, kuri skelbiama VĮ SPSC tinklapyje ir sutinku, kad VĮ SPSC tvarkytų mano asmens duomenis VĮ SPSC teikiamų paslaugų tikslais ir apimtimi. Patvirtinu, kad esu informuotas(-a) dėl savo teisių: susipažinti su mano tvarkomais asmens duomenimis; esant būtinybei reikalauti ištaisyti, ištrinti duomenis arba sustabdyti duomenų tvarkymo veiksmus, jei duomenys tvarkomi nesilaikant teisės aktuose nustatytos tvarkos; kad asmens duomenys tiesioginės rinkodaros tikslais galėtų būti tvarkomi tik dėl teisėto intereso.

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Quality policy

Activity of SPSC employees is oriented to satisfy all demands of clients, however it should not affect particular evaluation results, nor make influence on impartiality and objectivity of performed assessment.

SPSC employees stand upon impartiality, objectivity, professional principles, and confidentiality of obtained applicant's information and works as possible with expedition.

SPSC management and personnel timely exchange of necessary information on achievements, failures, innovations and transformations in order to strain after efficiency, expedition and prevention of losses, that could be caused by failures.

  • follow legal acts and standards of the Republic of Lithuania, that cover area of activity;
  • all actions of SPSC employees shall be defined, clear and traceable;
  • ensure that perceived faults should be promptly evaluated and identified whether they affected particular issue of certificate, test results or estimation of production control system;
  • ensure that detected unconformity and expressed remarks should be timely investigated, performed corrections or preventive actions and evaluated efficiency of the actions;
  • continuously improve activity without expect that problem which came into the open will force to render latter or bring losses;
  • strive for long-run financial stability.
SPSC commits itself to strive for the goals by following activity:
  • maintaining and permanently improving the Quality System which corresponds to requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17065 and LST EN ISO / IEC 17021;
  • meeting needs of applicants with expedition, completing planned works in time;
  • providing personnel with necessary and continuously being updated working means, documents and information;
  • choosing proper personnel and permanently improving the personnel qualification on own resources and taking advantage of assistance of other educational, research, foreign experts; permanently encouraging personnel for self determination;
  • establishing new contacts, supporting and improving existing contacts with other certification bodies, using these contacts for improvement of work and recognition achievement;
  • placing the same demands on subcontractors as set out in the accreditation documents and relevant legislation;
  • separating accredited certification works from others;
  • systematic managing, handling and storing documents;
  • publishing necessary information by accessible to public means - Internet, printed publications.
About SPSC

Statybos produkcijos sertifikavimo centras (SPSC) is an independent state enterprise established by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development (currently Ministry of Environment) performing it‘s activity from 1996.

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