Technical assessments

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Technical Assessment means the documented assessment of the performance of a construction product, in relation to its essential characteristics.

Technical Assessment may be prepared and issued according the clause 4 of chapter 8 of Law on Construction when: there are no appropriate Lithuanian or International or European standards prepared; such standards are not in preparation; for at least one essential characteristic of that product, the assessment method provided in such standard is not appropriate or the standard does not provide for any assessment method in relation to at least one essential characteristic of the construction product.


There may be two kinds of Technical Assessments:

  • European Technical Approval (valid in all EU member states);
  • National Technical Approval (valid in Lithuania).

SE "Statybos produkcijos sertifikavimo centras" is designated to prepare and issue National Technical Assessments and European Technical Assessments for the appropriate product areas according the order of the Minister of Environment No.D1-894 (2017-11-03).

SPSC is the only organization technical assessment body in Lithuania, which can prepare European technical assessments and National Technical Assessments in the construction products area. SPSC is a full member of EOTA since 2004 and it is designated and notified to act as Technical Assessment Body for preparation and issue of European Technical Assessments (ETAs). Information concerning SPSC notification can be found in NANDO database.

European Technical Assessments (ETA)

European Technical Assessment (ETA) is issued by the member of European Organisation for Technical Assessments EOTA (previously European Organisation for Technical Approvals - EOTA ) according the order defined in the Regulation (EU) No.305/2011 (2011-03-09) of the European Parliament an of the Council.

Preparation of ETA for a building product or system (kit) shall be based on research, testing, calculation and evaluation, in accordance with national legislation and European Assessment Documents -EAD (or European Technical Approval Guidance - ETAG used as EAD).

National Technical Assessments (NTĮ)

National Technical Assessment (NTĮ) is issued by designated technical assessment body for Lithuania.

NTĮ are prepared in accordance with the Building Technical Regulation STR 1.03.03:2013 "Designation and Notification of Technical assessment Bodies, Monitoring of They Activities and Competence. National Technical Approvals" (from 2016-03-15 replaced with STR 1.01.04:2015).

Approval of Documents of Technical Assessment Body

The expert committee designated by the Order of Director no.B-17-029 (2017-11-07) verify and assess draft documents prepared by Technical Assessment Body, the decision for approval of the documents of the Technical Assessment Body is taken by the director. The members of the designated committee can be found here.

Service price

The price for preparation of Technical Assessment is determined individually. Specific financial offer is made to the client after review of his application. The Application registration fee can be found in the appropriate Application form.